Update on the Mikvah of East Denver:

The Mikvah of East Denver Acquires Land for New Building

Denver, CO – The Mikvah of East Denver (MOED) is excited to announce the acquisition of land at 290 South Leyden Street, for the construction of the new community mikvah. Construction on the new mikvah, which will replace the mikvah facility built almost two decades ago by the dedicated east side community, is slated to begin late 2019. Completion is expected mid 2020*.

This opportunity was made possible through a generous gift from the Shana Glassman Foundation. The foundation has been involved for several years in the due diligence and negotiations with land owner Western Center for Russian Jewry (WCRJ). The Shana Glassman Foundation, in its understanding of both the fulfillment of Jewish laws and the opportunity that immersion brings for deeper spirituality, supported the positive move in purchasing the land for the new mikvah, with the knowledge that the previous mikvah was built on leased land.

MOED and the Shana Glassman Foundation worked closely with WCRJ to ensure that the purchase of land would not compromise WCRJ’s operations, and ample parking for attendees of the Wester Center of Russian Jewry remains.

The President of MOED, Laura Abramson-Pritchard, enthusiastically stated, “We are grateful for the vision of the donor and Rabbi Sirota for coming together to build the new community mikvah. We are energized by the necessity of this institution to build a high quality, state of the art mikvah that will sit at the center of the east side community – accessible for spiritual growth and the fulfillment of ritual law for years to come.”

*In the meantime, you can reach the interim mikvah, by calling Mei Eliezer Linker at 720-295-7718.

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If you have questions or would like more information, please email:

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